Do you feel overwhelmed by having more questions than answers? Do you feel you don't know where to start? MERGE offers assistance through counseling and coaching by helping you find solutions that works for your individual situations.


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Welcome to MERGE Counseling & Coaching. Counseling and coaching is an investment in your life. Our mission is to Maximize Existing Resources to Generate Excellence (MERGE). The Professional Counselors and Coaches at MERGE provide a warm, culturally sensitive, supportive therapeutic environment, to help you recognize your strengths and grow through personal difficulties.

MERGE Counseling & Coaching creates a comfortable trusting environment that will allow you to experience CONFIDENECE, BALANCE, and HOPE for issues and concerns you are dealing with in life. Our expertise is centered in goal oriented and behavioral therapy that can lead to a successful resolution. Our beliefs is that all people deep down want to heal and are capable of achieving wholeness. Talking to a trained professional can open up what is possible, and help you explore ways to achieve personal and emotional balance.